The Villa Reale belongs to me as well The Villa Reale belongs to me as well
The rotunda was a gift of Archduke to wife Maria Beatrice d’Este to celebrate 20 years wedding

the rotunda seen from the roseto
The rotunda was designed by Architect Piermarini as a simple semicircular swelling of the greenhouse external walls. Painter Andrea Appiani frescoed vaults and walls with Amor and Psyche myth.

The rotunda stands between the orangerie and the kitchen wings. It was linked to the Villa via a 263 fathom long gallery (1578 feet). You could enter through a couple of passages concealed by mirrored doors. Opposite, a wide window and a lavish alabaster fireplace turned this room into a real parlor.

Yet, this valuable setting followed the Villa historical events, there including periods of obscurantism, in that it lost its original function.
However, starting from 1980, a series of interventions based on documentary research could enhance this jewel. The Rotunda is in fact now linked again to the greenhouse.

Photo gallery of interior.

We are told by historiography that Architect Piermarini arranged a mechanism to celebrate the Archdukes’ wedding anniversary. Archduke Ferdinand entered the long gallery together with wife and guests in order to enjoy Appiani’s frescoes. Once there, the mirrored doors disappeared disclosing people and orchestra playing cello music and a number of dressed-in newlyweds sitting at a decked table. Duchess Maria Beatrice d’Este was so impressed that she went on enjoying the scene until dawn.
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