The Villa Reale belongs to me as well The Villa Reale belongs to me as well
Shot of front facade of Villa Reale of Monza
Architect Piermarini was able to achieve a rational neo-classical abode.
This building in Monza is a U-shaped one, in line with most villas of the Eighteenth Century. All around the wide court of honor stand the main wings, a chapel and a riding school, hence all other wings are there rationally arranged.

Drawing of the Villa with cross section of interiorMain wing is composed of two floors only and was allocated to important purposes. It was said that it could properly house five princes at the same time, along with their retinue.

Decoration of facades is plain, since the palace basic style is also due to political issues. In fact, Vienna’s enlightened Court avoided showing richness and power in a conquered Country.

During the French dominion , architect Luigi Canonica who, in 1797, replaced Piermarini, achieved a number of significant works, like double enclosing, check points and theatre.

East facade overlooking the Garden

Rear facade just appears as a marvellous Villa for the Archduke family, thus becoming a must in neo-classical architecture.
This way, side penthouses become front wings. The Villa ensemble includes royal chapel, riding school, rotunda with Appiani frescoes, royal theatre, orangerie. The first floor houses state rooms and the apartments of King Umberto the 1st and Queen Margherita.
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