The Villa Reale belongs to me as well The Villa Reale belongs to me as well
The Villa Reale of Monza is a huge neoclassical palace.
Once completed, the Villa Reale went far beyond Maria Theresa expectations. She was the one commissioning the palace to architect Giuseppe Piermarini. The palace was intended as country abode for her son Ferdinand, ruler of Lombardia Region at the time.

Great artists decorated the Villa. Worth noticing Andrea Appiani who made frescoes in the rotunda, being gift of Archduke to wife on the occasion of their 20th wedding anniversary. Appiani also painted the court theatre, while Giocondo Albertolli created the boardroom and the chapel stucco.
Architect Achille Majnoni designed the private rooms of King Umberto the 1st and of Queen Margherita.

The Villa Reale belongs to me as well
In 2010, the public consortium managing the Villa – that is composed of Ministry for Cultural Heritage, Lombardia Region, Cities of Monza and Milan – decided to commit a private company with the Villa restoration and management. Hence, on March 17, 2010, a private call for bids was issued by Infrastrutture Lombarde S.p.A. - the authority managing the real estate of Lombardia Region.

Through this tender, the winner would be entitled to:
  • Profit from the considerable public fund allocation of 19 million euro, versus 2 million euro only allocated by the winner, aimed at restoring the building central body..
  • Arrange the executive design to restore the Villa, without any proper guideline by the consortium.
  • Manage the Villa Reale for 30 years at a yearly rent of 30,000 euro only. Subsequently these conditions have been amended into 60,000 euro/year and 22 years.
  • Manage the Villa on its own for the whole year leaving 36 days only to the public consortium.
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