The Villa Reale belongs to me as well The Villa Reale belongs to me as well
How to reach the Villa

You can reach Villa Reale of Monza by::

auto   Car, parking on Porta Monza meter, that can be reached entering viale Brianza gate, or on Porta Vedano free parking space, that can be reached entering via Santo Stefano gate at Vedano.

autobus   Bus, line no Z221 (the blue buses), stop in Corso Milano, righ up the railway station.

treno   Train, lines: Milano/Monza - Como/Monza - Lecco/Monza - Lecco/Molteno/Monza - Bergamo-Monza and then by bus no. Z221.

taxi   Cab, serving Monza and neighbouring towns. Just call no. 03936379 – active from 6:30 am until 12:30 pm.
Cabs are also available in Piazza Carducci and in front of the railway station.
Taxi sharing service from/to local airports, additional info: alimonza.

bicicletta   Bicycle, if you can.
linea Opening time

free entrance every day.
Wintertime: from 7:00 am up to 6:30 pm
Summertime: from 7:00 am up to 8:30 pm.

Parco di Monza:
free entrance every day, in public areas (there are some areas leased to private companies):
Wintertime: (main gates) from 7:00 am up to 7:00 pm
Summertime: (driveway gates): from 7:00 am up to 8:30 pm.
Summertime: (crosswalk gates) from 7:00 am up to 9:30 pm.

If you wish to visit the Villa Reale, please be informed that:
  • most rooms are accessible at the discretion of the tenant company, that is entitled to keep you out since it has been allowed to utilize the Villa’s main rooms at its own liking;
  • ticket fare to the accessible rooms is quite elevated. Only a negligible percentage will go to the Consortium, namely to the public, whilst most revenue will go to the tenant; [Ticket fare];
  • it is not that easy to visit the accessible rooms. You must enter one door, exit another one and then enter another door, due to the misguided decision to turn the Villa into a sort of condo, with a number of owners/tenants, like Consortium, tenant and sub-tenants.
In any case it is worth visiting Parco di Monza, Villa Reale and its Garden.
The Villa Reale belongs to me as well Comitato "La Villa Reale è anche mia" - tel +39 039 382147   +39 039 324204
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