The Villa Reale belongs to me as well The Villa Reale belongs to me as well
shot taken at the rally of Feb.12, 11 against the tender granting the use of Villa Reale to private companies --- WHAT ABOUT RENTING A 9,000 SQ.METER APARTMENT INSIDE VILLA REALE OF MONZA AT 60,000 EURO/YEAR FOR 20 YEARS? IT IS NOW POSSIBLE! JOIN THE SELECTION “LIKE THE SAVOYS”


As a matter of fact, we have been the ones funding the restoration via a fake project financing [go through our math]. Private companies financed the renovation for less than ¼ of the capital while Regione Lombardia, the public entity, for the remaining ¾. However, in compliance with law and logic, it should be the opposite, since project financing is utilized whenever public entities are not in a position to finance works or services. As a consequence, these public entities claim for funds by private companies granting them the wealth revenues. It is the so called PPP model" – public-private partnership.

In the case of Villa Reale, public entities are financing private companies allowing them to make considerable profits. In fact, private companies will recover their investments in a few years, but they will take profit of revenues for over ten years.

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The Villa Reale restored? It is a million euro deal for private companies only (out of local press “Il Giorno” of Oct. 31, 2014.). In Italian only.
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