The Villa Reale belongs to me as well The Villa Reale belongs to me as well
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Outlines of the tender and its negative outcome

The public consortium managing the Villa – that is composed of Ministry for Cultural Heritage, Lombardia Region, Cities of Monza and Milan – decided to commit a private company with the Villa restoration and management. Hence, on March 17, 2010, a private call for bids was issued by Infrastrutture Lombarde S.p.A. - the authority managing the real estate of Lombardia Region.
As as example, in 1922 a race track was built inside the park, spoiling wide valuable areas. In 1928, also a huge golf course was fit into the park, further jeopardizing the environment.
In 1934, King Vittorio Emanuele III donated most rooms of the Villa to Monza and Milan cities, keeping his father’s apartment in order to honour the memory of King Umberto I. After world war II, the Villa Reale suffered from additional occupations and plundering. When the Republic of Italy was created, the southern wing became heritage and, as such, it was administered by the State. The remaining portion is administered jointly by Monza City and Regione Lombardia.

Through this tender, the winner would be entitled to:

  • profit from the considerable public fund allocation of 19 million euro, versus 2 million euro only allocated by the winner, aimed at restoring the building central body.
  • Arrange the executive design to restore the Villa, without any proper guideline by the consortium.
  • Manage the Villa Reale for 30 years at a yearly rent of 30,000 euro only. Subsequently these conditions have been amended into 60,000 euro/year and 22 years.
  • Manage the Villa on its own for the whole year leaving 36 days only to the public consortium.
On March 5, 2012 the tender winner could start the restoration works.

11,000 citizens and more and over 100 celebs joined the call of movement “La Villa Reale e’ anche mia” to demonstrate against such tender.

This kind of transaction is an example of privatization of a cultural wealth where the public entity refrains from protecting a national heritage. In addition, such a choice is in violation of art.8 of the transfer deed of Villa Reale and Parco. Such deed of 1996 by the State property binds the use of the wealth to cultural and official purposes only.

On September 19, 2011, based on the above mentioned considerations, local association Legambiente appealed to the Regional Administrative Court against Infrastrutture Lombarde Spa, Consorzio Villa Reale e Parco di Monza, Milan municipality, Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Italiana Costruzioni Spa. Main topics were to assess unlawful and/or nul findings in the agreement ruling project, works and management.

Subsequent hearing was called in November 2014 and resulted as being adverse to the applicant. Yet, main topics raised remain unanswered.
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