The Villa Reale belongs to me as well The Villa Reale belongs to me as well
visitors of Villa Reale are writing us, stressing their feelings and concerns.
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I am a citizen of Monza who has not catched the opportunity of a free entrance to Villa Reale soon after restoration, preferring a slower and more targeted visit. I thought I could enjoy the Villa’s glam after hearing the first visitors’ wonder, or maybe the wonder of the press.
I could not enjoy this glam since the costly visit (18 euro) was limited only to a few rooms accessible to public. I left after a couple of hours, really unsatisfied and concerned.
Firstly, I could not imagine that admittance to Umberto and Margherita’s apartments was at regular intervals, thus forcing me to quickly visit the penthouse, because my booking time was approaching. Secondly I could not imagine that I had to go outside in order to go to other wings of the same building. I also could not imagine that there was no admittance to the rooms on the left of the parlor. Forbidden admittance from the main entrance, with no possibility to walk along the parlor all the way to the dance hall, is frustrating, since preventing the visitor to feel as entering a royal abode.
One of the main purposes of such abodes was majesty reception. Forbidding this reception means depriving present visitors to fully understand the history of a XVIII century building.
Anyway, after paying the overall fare, I had to go out to the external courtyard and then get in again. Palatial steps, yet empty blue rooms, with poor description.
After visiting the central building, I had to get off again in order to go back to the ticket counter and get the second ticket coupon, namely go again outside and then inside (luckily it was not raining!).
I was sitting on the conviction that the celebrated royal apartments could be viewed, with the paraded setting up of original décor, after the disappointing second floor. Full disappointment indeed.
It was sad to see the royal apartments in such miserable conditions, with the major library used to host a table set.
Being locked in, with no possibility to view parlor and hall - contrary to the past - I lost my sense of space and relation of these rooms with the rest of the Villa and Garden.
Due to discomfort, mainly cultural, the Villa cannot be enjoyed from a noble viewpoint. There is no way of being welcomed royally.
Let’s wait and see what the future has in store for us and, mainly, let’s monitor what is happening and what happened to other Italian royal houses.
The Villa Reale appears as a missed chance.

Best regards.
signed letter.


To: Comitato per il Parco.
Re: entry fare to Giardini Reali.

We may assume that the Villa restaurant intends to solely benefit from the garden to place tables and parasols, or to organize exclusive parties. This way, an entry fare would just be the excuse for discouraging visitors to the advantage of the restaurant customers.

In addition,
  • the awful video in front of the Villa main facade
  • the recent hideous front yard black pavement
  • the restaurant staff parking in front of the riding site or the theater. Are perhaps the Uffizi staff parking in front of the Gallery?
  • the two entry buildings having a single white facade, while in the past each one was used to paint his belonging
  • yet a lighted way to the Parco internal parking has been implemented
  • the miserable carousel at Monza door along with a flashy container
  • the Parco wall itself is a historical vestige. Near San Giorgio entry the wall has been recently teared down to widen the street and then re-built as trailer, yet leaving the issue unresolved
  • the buildings near Villa Mirabello are now a deposit for construction stuff
  • the ugly building at Rondo’ dei Pini. All mayors seem to take responsibility but then they immediately forget
  • all the questionable boards spread all around by the Consorzio

Best regards.
signed letter.
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